Improved Communication: Intellectual Disability


Waiting for a response requires patience because a person with an intellectual disability might need a little more time to comprehend what you just said before responding vocally or physically. Diversified Supportive Services, a provider of disability care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers helpful ways for improved communication.

Take some time to listen and make an effort to comprehend what the person with intellectual disabilities is saying. If necessary, you might politely and patiently ask the individual to repeat their response or to elaborate on what they meant by asking a few additional questions.

Based on the individual’s degree of communication and comprehension, it’s critical to provide honest but compassionate comments regarding any socially incorrect actions or areas they may concentrate on to facilitate conversation. A lot can be achieved with supportive, patient dialogue. Home healthcare agencies in Pennsylvania practice this.

Routine, schedule, and surroundings are difficult for people with intellectual disabilities to adjust to. Anxiety, impatience, and even emotional outbursts can be brought on by changes. Our mental health care can offer assistance and guidance.

If a person with intellectual disabilities is feeling worried, consistency might help them feel more in control and provide some solace. You may assist them in feeling more autonomous and comfortable by making an effort to promote consistency in their environment and daily routines.

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