Residential Home Living: Securing a Smooth Transition


Life comes in significant phases— whether it’s a child entering preschool or a fresh graduate securing their first career. A similar concept applies to moving to a residential home. When your loved one’s age, condition, or disability requires them to receive constant care, residing in a residential care facility is an ideal option. However, we understand how they may feel anxious about their move. Hence, as one of the most trusted residential care and home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, allow us to help you ease your loved one’s worries with these tips:

  • Involve Your Loved One Early
    Your loved ones should have a voice regarding their move to a residential home because it’s more likely that they will feel hesitant if they feel coerced into moving. Validating their emotions is an effective approach to help them feel comfortable with considering their move.
  • Pack Items with Sentimental Value
    Nobody wants to reside in a place that feels unfamiliar. To help your loved ones feel at home in their new residence, be sure to personalize their home with pictures of your family and items they associate with home.
  • Plan Your Future Visits
    Aside from experiencing leisure activities and mental health care services at a residential home, you may help foster your loved one’s mental welfare by visiting them regularly. You can give them a calendar where you circle the dates of your visits to provide them with something worth anticipating.

Diversified Supportive Services offers opportunities for your loved ones to acquire the necessary life skills and maximize their independence at our residential home. If you’re interested in becoming a provider of disability care in Pennsylvania, send us an online employment application and start a career with us!

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