Intellectual Disabilities: Challenges in the Workplace


People with intellectual challenges face many barriers when it comes to school, relationships, and daily living. With disability care in Pennsylvania, those with such challenges receive the support they need even from a young age.

That is why many providers of mental health care offer supportive services to meet their needs. Here, we discuss the common problems they offer to address:

  • Barriers to finding employment

    Unemployment is a major issue that many adults with ASD and similar intellectual challenges face. Intellectual challenges make it difficult for such individuals to succeed in a traditional workplace environment.

    Meanwhile, assumptions about their disability and a lack of workplace accommodations also contribute to this problem. This may also result in underemployment, especially when these individuals have no access to vocational programs and similar resources.

  • Common challenges in the workplace
    Most people associate work with productivity and various social situations. For individuals with intellectual challenges, this can be especially overwhelming or stressful. For some, the social aspect may be difficult to navigate while sensory stimulation in the workplace may be too overwhelming.
  • Strategies to improve work performance
    Assistive technology like visual or electronic aids can help people with ASD keep track of tasks. Some organizations also provide resources to help their residents maintain employment. All of these are made available with the right help.

Diversified Supportive Services is among the most trusted home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Through our services, we support individuals with developmental disabilities. Call us at 215-673-2778 to learn more about our services.

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