Disability Rights: What are Your Loved Ones’ Rights?

Disability Rights: What are Your Loved Ones’ Rights?

People with disabilities often experience discrimination in many aspects of their lives. No matter how much disability care in Pennsylvania they receive from care providers, their families, and their friends, there will be people who cannot understand the situation.

Every individual with a disability has rights, including your loved ones. The following are some of these rights.

  • The right to mental health care

    Your family members should have access to the right care they need. Disabilities can vary from one person to another. The care services they receive must apply to their conditions.

    Home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offer various programs that can help your loved ones manage their situations.

  • The right to employment

    The federal law protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination within the workplace. Companies should not fire or refuse to hire your loved ones. If your loved ones can do the job, companies should not demote, harass, or even pay them less just because of their conditions.

  • The right to rent

    Landlords should not refuse to rent your loved ones a place due to their disabilities. They should also not ask your family members to pay more because of the situation.

  • The right to take advantage of public businesses

    Businesses such as restaurants, cafes, theatres, stores, hotels, and such should not refuse your loved one’s entry. These businesses should not exclude them from public spaces.

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