Intellectual Disabilities: Ways to Promote Independence

Intellectual Disabilities: Ways to Promote Independence

Adults with intellectual disabilities often require support and disability care in Pennsylvania. In most cases, their conditions affect their ability to communicate and perform daily tasks on their own.

While many home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are ready to assist your loved ones with intellectual disabilities, this does not mean that they should not do things independently. Encourage independence in your loved ones through the following:

  • Do not control what your loved ones do.

    Many family members often try to help too much. As a result, they tend to cross the line. They likely choose what they think is best rather than allowing the patients to do so independently.

    Never control your loved ones’ lives. Support them.

  • Be positive.

    Celebrate even the small tasks that your loved ones did. Doing so will help build their confidence. As a result, they will strive to become more independent.

  • Provide learning opportunities.

    Help them learn and acquire new skills that they can use in the different aspects of their lives. Check with your community, local authorities, mental health care professionals, and support groups about these opportunities.

Diversified Supportive Services is ready to assist your loved ones while also promoting their independence. Talk to us about our service offerings.

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