Facts About Autism in the Workplace You Must Know


The first step to being a catalyst for change is being aware of the facts, something that is especially important about important but under-discussed issues such as autism in the workplace.

We know this too well in our work as one of the community’s trusted home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Diversified Supportive Services.

In line with these, here are some of the most significant facts and figures you should know about employment outcomes for individuals needing disability care in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

  • 50-75% of Americans with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are unemployed or underemployed.
    This translates to about two-thirds of the 5.6 million autistic adults in the U.S. per Autism Speaks, more than any other factor, this points to how lacking the conversation about autism and neurodiversity still is in talks about diversity.
  • Young adults with ASD have the lowest rate of employment among those on the spectrum.
    An estimated 50% of those on the autism spectrum ever worked after high school. This is according to the Life Course Outcomes Research Program. factors identified to be related to unemployment include household income, race and ethnicity, and conversation ability.
  • Employing individuals within the ASD spectrum is profitable.
    According to Valerie Paradiz, Ph.D., Vice President, Services and Supports at Autism Speaks, having neurodiverse and autistic employees on the team is a good move for the bottom line of companies.

We work to foster an environment where mental health care, disability support, inclusion, and diversity are front and center. For more information about our supportive services, feel free to contact us.

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