Retaining Careers: People with Intellectual Disabilities


Keeping a job, in itself, can be a challenge, and having an intellectual disability doesn’t make it any easier. Individuals with intellectual disabilities may have faced a myriad of challenges during their academic years, and they continue to strive to break barriers and thrive in their chosen careers. With ample support from home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and undiscriminating employers, individuals with intellectual disabilities may be able to attract and keep their jobs.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities constantly encounter obstacles as they strive to practice freedom and independence in their workplace. Some of these obstacles may be the complexity of their tasks, discrimination, environmental stress, client interactions, and more. These challenges may be discouraging to most of these people. However, the thing that most people with intellectual disabilities, especially those who are properly guided and provided with mental health care, have in common is that they are resilient.

For neurologically diverse individuals to overcome these obstacles and keep their jobs, they have to start by selecting the best opportunities for them. It’s essential that they find a workplace where they can utilize their unique talents and achieve their full potential. Maintaining their position in a company or organization may also be possible by mitigating their sources of stress, engaging in special training programs, and creating a healthy work-life balance.

Diversified Supportive Services offers first-rate disability care in Pennsylvania, assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities to meet their needs and improve their quality of life. We help our residents access resources to maintain their careers.

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