Community Support for People with Intellectual Disability


It takes a village of nurturing individuals to make a better and more conducive environment for neurodiverse individuals. It’s quintessential to engage every member of the community in creating and improving a better system where inclusivity, diversity, and equity are practiced. A healthy support system allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to use their potential to become valued members of society.

Supporting individuals in need of Mental Health Care and fostering a relationship with them are ways to embrace diversity in communities. However, community support doesn’t stop at promoting civic relationships and engagement. It is also providing access to basic support such as equity education, employment, healthcare, habilitation services, adaptive aids, peer support, and Disability Care in Pennsylvania across the individual’s lifespan.

Direct support professionals (DSPs) play an important role in advocating for welfare and integrating individuals with intellectual disabilities into the community. As members of the community, these professionals tailor their support to the needs of neurodiverse individuals and help them exercise independence. Families count on these specialists and Home Healthcare Agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to provide the following support:

  • Self-care skills education
  • Vocational training
  • Safety monitoring
  • Basic health and hygiene assistance
  • Facilitating inclusion in the community

Diversified Supportive Services strives to help the community achieve its inclusive goals. We are determined to provide community support to our residents so they may improve their quality of life and contribute to society.

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