The Exceptional Roles of Direct Support Professionals


Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) assist people with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages. DSPs support them in living the fullest lives possible by allowing them to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency in areas and activities where they would otherwise be unable to do so.

Through their efforts, they can help a person with a disability at home, at work, and in a variety of other settings. They frequently teach important life skills and assist in communicating personal needs and aspirations. Often, they are advocates on behalf of someone.

Let us at Diversified Supportive Services, proponents of appropriate disability care in Pennsylvania, share helpful facts regarding these professionals so that people may recognize their need for them.

Generally, these people have the responsibility to:

  • Assist with daily tasks such as grooming, feeding, cooking, and cleaning.
  • Create a safe, positive environment in which residents’ needs, self-expression, and objectives thrive.
  • Provide individualized care under the directions of healthcare professionals.
  • Facilitate a person’s participation and integration into his or her community.
  • Escort to and from appointments and activities.

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