Helping Your Child to Prepare for School


Parents should prepare their children for school as early as possible. However, it will be a different case for parents with children having intellectual disabilities. They will need extra efforts to help their kids be school-ready.

As a provider of disability care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have met clients who are having some adjustments to prepare their children for school. Thus, we will be glad to provide some solutions on how parents prepare their children for school.

  • Start preparing the basics at home.
    Helping your child to learn the basics can help lessen their frustrations when they start school. These basics you teach your child will be the foundation for their education. In addition, it boosts their morale, knowing that they are school-ready, thus promoting mental health care.
  • Establish a connection with their teachers.
    You can inform your child’s teacher regarding their intellectual disability and what they need to feel comfortable inside the classroom. Building a connection with their teacher can also benefit them. They can provide regular progress reports in classrooms.
  • Seek different views from parents like you.
    It is a great opportunity to learn from parents like you. They may be able to provide you with some tips and experiences on preparing their child for school. They may also know social services you can rely on for their education or well-being.

We at Diversified Supportive Services are here to provide services for families or clients who need support for their child with an intellectual disability. If you need home care assistance from our home healthcare agencies in Pennsylvania, please reach out to us today.

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