Home Activities for Intellectually Disabled Adults


Adults with intellectual disabilities need to develop and keep involved in their respective communities with the help of activities at home. These activities at home keep them engaged and stimulated to increase their skills, capabilities, and confidence.

As a provider of home disability care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we can think of fun and stimulating activities for your adult loved ones at home. These activities may include:

  • Cooking.

    Cooking is a rewarding activity that helps build accomplishment. It is also an activity for adults who are learning to be independent.

  • Listening to music.

    This activity serves more than one purpose. While music also helps with mental health care, it also helps with cognitive functions. All things that have something to do with lyrics and music allow cognitive stimulation.

  • Displaying creativity.

    This activity includes creating poems, drawings, and arts and crafts. This activity helps improve or stimulate their creative minds and freedom of expression. In addition, activities such as arts and crafts help with hand-eye coordination.

Note to family members and loved ones:

While you want them to achieve independence, guide them for the first few sessions. Some activities can be difficult and frustrating for your adult loved one with an intellectual disability. Be there to build their confidence, self-assurance, and sense of fulfillment.

You may also seek in-home care services to provide additional safety while they perform activities at home for the first time.

Our home healthcare agencies in Pennsylvania aim to help adults with intellectual disabilities at home. We can help them achieve safety and independence at home. If you seek assistance, contact us at Diversified Supportive Services today.

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