Home Support for People with Intellectual Disabilities


Today, many persons with intellectual disabilities prefer to remain in their communities than transfer to an institutional setting.

However, it’s not easy to live with specific disabilities or ailments because of many factors that can affect their way of living, especially if they’re alone or their family doesn’t know where to start caring for them.

Moreover, some of the issues they may face when they don’t receive the necessary physical and mental health care needed for their condition include:

  • Social isolation
  • Psychological and emotional stress
  • Negative health outcomes
  • Lack of living support
  • Poverty

As one of the home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we believe that residential living solutions should be adaptable and customizable to fit each individual’s varying characteristics, interests, preferences, and needs.

At Diversified Supportive Services, we urge and help our residents to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle while they age in their communities. We offer 24-hour residential services to assist them in learning, maintaining, and increasing their self-help, socializing, and adaptive abilities.

Our residential living support services, such as disability care in Pennsylvania, also allow people with a wide range of intellectual disabilities to live as independently as possible. Feel free to call us anytime at 215-673-2778 or email us at dssllc@diversifiedsupportiveservices.org for more information and further inquiries.

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