Nurturing Activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Nurturing Activities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities do have great potential. The likes of Michael Phelps (with ADHD), an Olympic medalist in swimming, and we also have famous, successful celebrities like Keanu Reeves (with Dyslexia), Justin Timberlake (with OCD and ADHD), and many more of them who thrive in their chosen fields, prove to us that disabilities do and should not hinder someone from reaching their full potential. Despite their disabilities, they have thrived all because they were allowed to do so. Much could also happen to other individuals with disabilities only if you give them a shot.

Providing opportunities for reaching their full potential can be made possible by exposing them to various activities, which home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, like us, can assist with. Here is a list of the activities they can enjoy:

  • Nature Activities.
    Set up some exciting scavenger hunts to encourage learning about birds, insects, plants, and other things in nature. You may also engage them in boating, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.
  • Art Activities.
    Some popular art activities they can try include making origami, beading activities, creating paper machines, creating with fabric, and so much more. According to research, art activities can also play a huge role in their mental health care.
  • Physical Activities.
    The likes of bowling, gardening, team sports, and swimming can help adults with disabilities achieve their mental and physical potential.

In whatever activity they want to participate in, they need a supportive, nurturing hand to assist them in reaching their full potential. This is why Diversified Supportive Services, a provider of disability care in Pennsylvania, is here to provide that level of support.

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