Learning Disability and Mental Health Problems Explained


Many people do not understand that there is a huge difference between learning disability and mental health problems. A mental health problem is a term used for emotional, psychological, or psychiatric distress one experiences. On the other hand, a learning disability is a reduced intellectual capacity that makes it difficult for people to learn and affect their daily activities for their entire life and may need disability care in Pennsylvania.

In other words, mental health problems can affect anyone at any point in their lives and can be overcome with treatment and proper mental health care. It isn’t true for learning disabilities. However, there is evidence that suggests that people with learning disabilities also most likely have mental health problems.

There are many reasons why someone with a learning disability may also have poor mental health. Some of these factors include:

  • Biological and genetic factors that increase vulnerability to mental health
  • Incidence of traumatic or highly negative life events
  • Limited to no access to resources and lack of social support
  • Stigma and negative attitude of people against them

There are home healthcare agencies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania such as Diversified Supportive Services that protect the health and welfare of a person with a disability. We make sure that they develop the skills necessary to navigate through life and live independently and become more participatory and productive members of the community. Call us now to know more about our services.

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