Know Your Parental Rights in the IEP Process

Know Your Parental Rights in the IEP Process

The Individualized Education Program (IEP) is a federally mandated program for those with special needs and learning delays. As a parent, you are entitled to legal rights regarding the IEP process.

Apart from quality disability care in Pennsylvania, students and parents are also granted these rights:

  • Consensual Rights
    As parents, you have the right to give or deny consent to your student’s educational matters. You must provide informed consent to the school before they can start a special education program.
  • IEP Meeting Participation
    The law grants you the right to join IEP meetings about your student’s education and mental health care. Also, you can demand a meeting whenever necessary and available.
  • Access to School Records
    Parents have the right to demand, inspect, evaluate, and request a copy of their student’s special education records.
  • Right to Disagree/Mediation
    During a disagreement, you have the right to seek due process by requesting a hearing, in which a third-party officer (mediator) makes the final call.
  • Details on Disciplinary Action
    Students under a special education program are subject to rules and regulations. As parents, you have the right to get involved in creating disciplinary consequences when your student misbehaves.

The IEP is an intricate program that requires the collaboration of professionals and parents. The latter should exercise the rights given to them to maximize the program’s benefits.

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